Which Is The Best Shark Vacuum Cleaner To Buy?

If you tell me that most people in your home are sneezing, I would have one question for you: Do you have a good vacuum cleaner? Or I could just go straight to the point and ask you whether you have the Shark Navigator Lift Away vacuum cleaner.

Why am I being specific? Well, the past few years have seen many technological advances in the field of vacuum cleaners. Thus it is important to identify which type of vacuum cleaner would be the best for you. This might seem to be a petty issue but you might end up wasting your money on trial and error. Today this, tomorrow that. In the end you end up not benefiting at all.

I have singled out the Shark Navigator Lift Away due to its exclusive features that will assist you when you are cleaning your home. See some of the features below or skip directly to read customer reviews here.

Features Of The Shark Navigator Lift Away

  • Featherweight Shark® Lift-Away Vacuum
  • Traps 99.99% dust/allergens
  • HEPA filter
  • Bagless vacuum canister never loses suction
  • Swivel steering makes maneuvering easy
  • Vacuum cylinder carries 0.3 gallons
  • Soft humming sound during cleaning
  • Easy to wash filters
  • Fully sealed
  • Cost effective
  • Weight: 12.5 pounds
  • Five-year warranty

Shark Navigator Lift Away Review:

There are some areas in every house that are tough clean. A good example is the staircase. Not many vacuum cleaners can guarantee you that they can clean your staircase properly and with ease. This is where the Shark Navigator Lift Away scores its first point. It is very easy to use. To begin with, it is very light. Just as the name suggests, it is a lift away vacuum cleaner. You can carry it easily from one place to another with less effort required. This will help you to clean areas such as the staircase.

This vacuum cleaner assures you that your home will be free from dust. This is due to the filters that are built in and very effectively trap the dust in your home. The positive thing about the filters is that you can remove them after some time for cleaning. This ensures that your filters do not pile up dust inside the Shark Navigator Lift Away vacuum cleaner. This is an added advantage over other cleaners since the performance of vacuums depends heavily on clean filters. This Shark vacuum has a pre-installed brush that helps you move to the areas that need cleaning. In no time, you will have finished cleaning the entire house.


The Shark Navigator Lift Away vacuum cleaner has a cylinder that is capable of storing up to 0.3 gallons of dirt and dust. This size is sufficient to ensure that most dirt in your home can be picked up at once without having to empty the canister. In fact, it will last for several cleaning cycles if you decide not to clean it after each use. But believe me, cleaning the cyliner is a thing of a few seconds and vry easy to do. You can see that in the video below as well. Another huge benefit is that this cylinder is bag-less unlike other types of vacuum cleaners. No need to constantly buy new bags and then still run out of them when you need them most.

Moving from one place to another using the vacuum cleaner is again made easier through the use of the spinning feature. This lets you use less effort in moving around the house. Therefore you wont have to stop every now and then just to wipe the sweat of your face. Very cool feature.

Unlike other vacuum cleaners, this Shark Navigator Lift Away will not wake up your family and neighbors when you are using it to clean the house. It simply makes a soft humming sound during the cleaning process.



The vacuum is also fully sealed to ensure that no dust comes out during the cleaning process. Have you ever used a vacuum cleaner and seen the dust come out of all its openings while cleaning? Let me tell you, that is not a very nice thing to see and experience. This sealing also ensures that you do not have to repeat yourself in cleaning.

Looking at the price of this bagless vacuum, it is definitely worth it. You will for sure notice the difference to your old vacuum cleaner and wonder why you haven’t got one of those earlier.

By the way, the Shark Navigator Lift Away comes with a five year warranty. This is not just good in case something goes wrong but also shows the trust that the company has in its products.


So, to be honest, there are also a few hiccups about this vacuum cleaner. To begin with, the power cord can only cover one room. Not that this is much better in other models, but it can be a hindrance in some cases. If this is a problem for you you might want to have a look at robotic vacuum cleaners. Additionally, because this vacuum cleaner is very light it might easily fall over and not stand still on its place. Well, I think the light weight is still more of a benefit though

The benefits of the Shark Navigator Lift Away well outweigh the hiccups. So I can definitely recommend you getting one. But in case you want to find the better choice, don’t forget to check the best shark vacuum with full reviews and choose the most suitable one for yourself.

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