How to Clean an Agitator Quickly

Do you know the reason why your washing machine has a stinky odor? Do you know what measures you should take in dealing with this problem? Do not be frantic for here below are some ways you can use to help get rid of that stinky smell. Dealing with this problem should not be taken lightly. Instead, one must handle this problem seriously. The smell might not only linger to the surrounding of your washing machine but it too might stick into your shirt badly! You might feel embarrassed spending the whole day with your friends wearing a dress that emits a stinky odor. And if you have already pulled all strings in cleaning your washing machine in a conventional way but still nothing happens, maybe the stinky odor could originally come within your appliance.


How to clean an Agitator

The primary function of your washing machine is to wash off all the dirt from your clothes. But have you ever asked yourself where this dirt goes? Yes, you are right that it goes with water when drained. However, larger particles like hair, lint, skin and washing detergent do not go with water. Instead, they accumulate in small hidden places of you machine causing a stinky smell.

Well, you may not like that these hidden places will be a breeding ground for molds which can cause a stinky washing machine. These damp warm areas like your agitator and washing tub are where molds and mildew thrive because of the presence of a food source (hair, lint and soap suds). Cleaning these areas is hard since it is out-of-sight and out-of-reach. When neglected, it too has a greater chance of getting particles trapped leading to a poor drainage. Thus, the need to clean really your agitator is important. Do not wait for a great build-up of residues. Act now by cleaning it regularly.

Start Cleaning the Agitator

Start by removing the agitator. Do not be scared with this thought since it would be very quick and easy.

First, you have to remove the cap on top by lifting or twisting it off. Underneath you will find a cap that serves as a bolt. With the use of a socket wrench, unscrew the bolt, and then lift the agitator off the washing machine. The use of gloves may be necessary to get a good hold of the agitator or you may also slip a small tie under the agitator for leverage use to ease out pulling from the washing machine.

You may start cleaning the washing machine’s tub and agitator thoroughly with a bleach solution. See to it that the parts were pat dried with a dry towel before placing them back. The cord of the machine should always be unplugged when doing this chore. You may also buy a washer cleaner in the market sprayed in the appliance for a desired smell. In this way, you will be confident that your clothes will be clean and fragrant.

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