Housekeeping and other tips for the kitchen

Burnt pans:

Burnt food particles are easy to remove. Put a layer of soda in the pan and fill with water. Put the pan on the heat and bring the contents to the boil. Let this boil for a while and after rinsing the pan is ready for use again.

Concrete Counter top:

To maintain the concrete worktop well you can treat it with wax, so that the less porous and therefore less sensitive spot is. It does not require much maintenance than more work. Weekly cleaning with a neutral detergent.

Counter plastic

Scratches on a plastic counter disappear when you give it a shine with car polish.

Composite worktop


Polished stones are easy to maintain with cloth and mild detergent. However, in this type of rock must be removed. All spilled drink, juices, wine, sauces or products immediately in matte composite stone one should however remove stubborn stains with a liquid abrasive. In no case may be, however, an abrasive used to clean a glossy composite worktop. Never place hot pans or kettles on the blade.


once a week a shovel soda, dissolved in hot water will keep the drain clean. Throw coffee appeases your drain, coffee fat deposits in the drain and not clogged.

Cooker hood filters (RVS)

Let the filters an hour soaking in a bucket of hot water with a tablet detergents. Rinse and go.


Your baking pan and bake ware you should clean when they are still warm. Laid Bakken leftovers warm water soak or a wet cloth over it to explain. After a while, the crusts then easy to remove.


Rinse soap residue can remain. Else at the hand washing cutlery and crockery thoroughly with clean water.

Electric cooker

Dirty grooves in an electric cooker can be cleaned by heating the plate there anything baking soda straw and the grooves with a scouring pad to take off.


You can enamel pans inside have become boiling with soda or green soap. Black Enamel cookware pieces which have been switched on, you no longer use.

Fryer cleaning

The fryer empty, then fill with water to the level of fat. You can also do it right in the basket. Tablet detergents in it and goings on (low) temperatures arrive, let simmer for 10 minutes, then gently pull out the mains and let stand for a while. Then clean brush and rinse thoroughly. The handles of the fryer cleaning, goes best with warm water in which you solved. Scoop a soda


Whisks and batter bowls you should rinse after washing and rub with lemon, for example to correct. Proteins good stiff


If you have made p, the stove thoroughly rub it once with car wax, you’ll see that later patches so as to go, but after few weeks to repeat the car wax.

Gas burners or -gasfitter

If you caked and burnt burners explains in the cola half an hour, you can easily get a soapy sponge dirt and burnt spots off. You can also put them in vinegar for a while and then cleaning. Another way is to the burners in a plastic bag, along with a dash of ammonia and a little water and leave overnight. Outside The next day the bag, open carefully and above all do not hang up because of the smell .The burners again in soapy water and rinse them clean again.

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